1 de octubre de 2011

Interview with Roniit

Greetings to all :

This is the first article in English we have done for you we hope will be to your liking.

Roniit is an independent Dark Electro Pop artist hailing from the mountains of Colorado. Harnessing her silvery voice and a keen ear for melody, Roniit writes catchy, dancy, upbeat yet somber electronic music from her small home studio. Influenced highly by the ethereal landscapes of her childhood, and some of the patterns of humanity, many emotions come through in the rich textures of her songs, each a uniquely-crafted journey.

After taking years of piano lessons as a child Roniit decided to pursue a degree in music business and performance. She began singing when she was 17 years old, and picked up the electric bass at age 20. Her debut album (self titled) was written and recorded over the course of a year in Nashville, TN (where she was doing an internship), and in Denver, Colorado at her permanent residence. All songs heard on the album were written exclusively by Roniit, and produced by herself with the assistance of Eric W. Brown.

know more about her in this interview, you will find in the Magazine "Tierra de Goticos Vol 5" Pages 21 -24 , download it here:

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